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The little book of BIG FACTS 1 3 2 Knight Frank has its own London taxi cab in the firms famous green livery. Its registration number is KF 1. The sale in 1930 of Home Farm Kirtlington Nottinghamshire by Knight Frank for the MP Sir Albert Bennett included 26 head of Lincoln Red cattle 30 pure bred Exmoor horned ewes and ram two horses six porkers and 200 head of poultry. On his abdication Edward VIII instructed Knight Frank to value Sandringham and Balmoral castles to help establish his settlement. Winsley Hurst near Harrogate was sold by Knight Frank in 1915 and once again in 2012. Contrary to reports by some Harrogate office Partner Tim Waring was not the selling agent on both occasions. 4 Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire dates from 1132 and was sold by Knight Frank for 1 million in 1974. 5 6 8 Howard Frank became an unlikely pin-up at the age of 40. Estates Gazette produced a full page presentation picture of Knight Franks senior partner when he was knighted in 1914. Music hall duo Flanagan and Allen used to sing a song about Knife Fork Cutlery. Everybody understood the joke. 7 In 2005 the Knight Frank Harrogate office opened on Victoria Avenue before moving to their current premises on Albert Street in 2007. 10 100 10YEARSINHARROGATE 100 YEARS IN YORKSHIRE 10 100 10YEARSINHARROGATE 100 YEARS IN YORKSHIRE 10 100 10YEARSINHARROGATE 100 YEARS IN YORKSHIRE 10 100 10YEARSINHARROGATE 100 YEARS IN YORKSHIRE DECADES OF KNOWLEDGE DECADES OF KNOWLEDGE DECADES OF KNOWLEDGE DECADES OF KNOWLEDGE SHOP FRONT_Layout 1 03042015 1204 Page 1 9 11 10 A baby ostrich joined a meeting with the owner of a wildlife park and Knight Frank to discuss a possible sale. It spent the time wandering between the office armchairs trying to eat the carpet. In 1945 Knight Frank sold the contents of the German Embassy including 20 flags at 60 each a dog basket and 17 safes. Knight Franks Singapore office once sold 7340 kilos of frozen prawns at a public auction. 12 Sir Howard Frank bought the old Beachy Head Lighthouse in 1920 and used it as a country home for the rest of his life. In 1912 Howard Frank bought the estate agent Walton Lee solely to secure the prime front page position in Country Life and Knight Frank retain the position to this day. 13 14 16 Knight Franks first international property marketing campaign was in 1897 on a boarding house on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Most of Lytham St Annes in Lancashire including the famous golf course was sold by Knight Frank in 1937. In the 1920s Knight Frank advised on the site assembly for the BBCs world famous headquarters Broadcasting House in London. 15 18 The first recorded business property sale was in November 1897 when Knight Frank sold a cycle machinery plant business in Battersea London for 270 11s 6d. Knight Frank was once a shipbroker. Howard Frank set up a department for the purchase sale construction and chartering of steam and sailing yachts.17 19 The Knight Frank Harrogate Office is exactly half way between our London and Edinburgh offices. 205 miles each way London 205m Edinburgh 205m 20 Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge in 1915 through Knight Frank for 6600 as a present for his wife. She gave it to the nation three years later. 21 Knight Frank bought Chartwell in Kent for Sir Winston Churchill and sold his London home at 28 Hyde Park Gate. 22 24 In an effort to build rapport with an elderly house vendor a Knight Frank agent spent several minutes stroking and talking to the owners small fluffy dog. It didnt work. The dog had died and was stuffed. New world wines are not so new after all at one of its first auctions a century ago Knight Frank sold Australian Burgundy at 12 shillings a case. Actor Oliver Reed once threw a frozen goose a bottle of gin and an Asegai spear at a Knight Frank partner who bought his house for a client. 23 27 26 In 1899 Knight Frank sold a Botticelli Virgin and Child for 1 2 shillings. A donkey fetched 1 5 shillings in the same year The town of Reigate including pubs shops the castle and the town hall was sold by Knight Frank for 203840 in 1921. Knight Frank sold the bulldog mascot of Lord Jellicoes flagship Iron Duke for 141 15 shillings. The dog Peggy was present at the Battle of Jutland. 25 28 Kirkman Bank Knaresborough was built in the 1700s by the Collins family and sold for the very first time by Knight Frank in 2008. Knight Frank have marketed office space in the 310 metre Shard one of the tallest landmark buildings in Europe. 29 32 W K Vanderbilt the US railroad magnate asked Knight Frank to sell his 2200 ton steam yacht Valiant in 1909. The asking price was 35000. Milton Ernst Hall near Bedford was described in the Knight Frank sale catalogue in 1901 as having six cows in full profit. Knight Frank provided a new pair of trousers to a prospective purchaser after an encounter with two savage Alsatians during a house viewing. The purchaser was a surveyor who later joined the firm. 31 30 34 In 1980 BPs purchase of Britannic House for 93 million becomes the UKs biggest single property deal ever. In 1984 the firm buys additional premises at 5 Hanover Square to accommodate the growing number of London headquarters staff - 53 partners and 5 associates. In 1996 Rutley is dropped from the Knight Frank name to strengthen a cohesive worldwide identity. 33 35 36 In 1981 Knight Frank and its associate in New York sells Pan-American World Airways Intercontinental Hotels Corporation to Grand Metropolitan for 500m. The Tour de France finish line was only 100 metres from our Harrogate office when Stage 1 ended in the town in 2014. 37 38 40 Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations at Gadshill Place in Kent. Knight Frank sold it in 1925 for 4600. Knight Franks original auction catalogues are held in The National Art Library at the Victoria Albert Museum in London. In 1939 Knight Frank sold Pinewood Film Studios and Amalgamated Film Studios at Elstree. Together they totted up to almost half a million square feet of space. 39 43 42 Knight Frank was the first estate agent to advertise on TV and anticipated the Mr Men series of childrens books with Mr Square Foot. Knight Frank sold two of Charles Dickens letters at auction in 1933 for 39 guineas. Knight Frank agents selling a TV stars house were also asked if they could find a home for an unwanted 4 foot Iguana. 41 44 Jervaulx Hall near Ripon is the first sale of the new Knight Frank Harrogate office in summer 2005. Knight Frank sold The Crystal Palace to Lord Plymouth in 1911 for 210000. 45 46 48Napoleon Is death mask was sold at auction by Knight Frank. A Holbein portrait of King Henry VIII similar to this one was sold by Knight Frank in 1910. A partner in Knight Franks Hungerford office agreed to have a hernia operation under local anaesthetic and won an instruction from the surgeon while the operation was going on. 47 50 The Earl of Lucan who gave the order that led to the Charge of the Light Brigade used to live at Knight Franks previous headquarters at 20 Hanover Square in central London. The owner of a Formula 1 Racing Team once asked KF to design and build a lake at his home to accommodate two swans. 49 51The Harrogate office of Knight Frank is a long standing sponsor of St Michaels Hospice. 52 In 2007 Studley Royal House near Fountains Abbey was sold privately by Knight Frank Harrogate. 370 55 Offices in Countries Continental Europe 1040 people 75 offices 16 countries The Americas 3820 people 138 offices 12 countries Asia Pacific 3820 people 138 offices 12 countries Middle East 40 people 3 offices 2 countries United Kingdom 1800 people 86 offices Africa 670 people 23 offices 9 countries Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic France Germany Ireland Italy Monaco Netherlands Poland Romania Russia Spain Switzerland. Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Mexico Peru The Caribbean USA. Australia Cambodia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates. Botswana Kenya Malawi Nigeria South Africa Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe. Including 28 in central London In 1979 our New York office is set up and we continue to expand our commercial and residential presence across North America. 53 56 When Messrs Knight Frank Rutley first set up shop you could buy a 21-year lease on a 25 room residence near Hanover Square for just 600 pa. Knight Frank has appeared in many cartoons and one by Jak coincided with the return of Hong Kong to the Chinese government. 55 A Knight Frank agent surveying outbuildings at a wildlife park stepped into a shed and found himself face to face with a full grown lion. He fled slamming the shed door behind him. 54 59 58 Knight Frank had to storm a castle in Suffolk because the drawbridge was up. Acting for the Receiver our man crossed the moat in a boat. Port Sunlight the Victorian model village built by Lord Leverhulme on Merseyside is on a site acquired by Knight Frank. One of the lead characters in Helen Fieldings 1999 novel Bridget Joness Diary was something big in Knight Frank 57 60 Knight Frank once sold the Brecon Beacons in Wales as part of the Tredegar Estate. Knight Frank sold Allerton Castle near Knaresborough for 250000 in 1982. GrahamHogg 61 62 In 2014 Knight Franks turnover excluding North America was 800m. Shell-Mex house on Londons Strand was originally sold to Shell-Mex by KF in 1929 when it was the 1000 bedroom Hotel Cecil. Knight Franks logo has evolved as the firm has changed over the years. 63 64 67 66 In 1969 an attempt to sell Dylan Thomass Boathouse at Laugharne was broken up by Welsh nationalists who wanted it to remain in Welsh hands. There was no sale. We sold No Mans Land Fort in the Solent. Built by Palmerston to defend the Channel Ports and particularly Portsmouth from the French Fleet under Napoleon. 65 46 of the properties sold through Knight Frank Harrogate office in 2014 were to people living outside of Yorkshire. 68 In 1983 Knight Frank joined a leading Hong Kong surveyor commencing an ambitious expansion programme across Asia. Knight Franks Global Property Search is available in 20 languages making it the most multilingual website in the industry. 69 70 72 In 1965 Offices are established in Nigeria. In 1896 John Knight Howard Frank and William Rutley set up a venture as a valuations surveying and auctions business. 71 A property developer who used to hand out 5 notes to every member of the Knight Frank staff at Christmas including the senior partner eventually went broke. EST. 1896 73 Over 33 of our sales over 1 million recognises the strength of the Knight Frank brand at the top end of the market across Yorkshire. 1m 75 74 Art collections sold by Knight Frank included works by Canaletto Raphael Rubens Turner and Van Dyck. A significant 50 of sales between 500000 and 1 million Knight Frank continues to grow its profile and market share in the greater Harrogate area. 76 In 1986 Qantas Centre Sydney is sold for 200 million becoming Australias largest single biggest property sale. 77 Knight Frank has provided project management services for improvements of Centre Court at Wimbledon and major works at Lords Cricket Ground. 78 80 Harrogate office staff regularly participate in the annual Acorn Charity 100km bike ride in Yorkshire whatever the weather 1898 First full-page advertisement in the August edition of Country Life is placed by Howard Frank. Globally Knight Franks residential sales and purchases in 2014 totalled 13 billion whilst commercial sales and purchases were 25 billion. 79 82 83 Sixty acres were withdrawn from the Rufford Abbey Estate in 1938 after a tenant farmer struck oil. The oil rush failed to emerge and the rest of the estate 18000 acres was sold for 250000. 81 In 2008 Knight Frank left Hanover Square to move to its new Global HQ at 55 Baker Street. Knight Frank sold Watership Down to Andrew Lloyd Webber but didnt see a single rabbit 84 In 2011 Knight Frank successfully sold the Battersea Power Station site. 9285 Knight Frank sold Grantley Hall near Ripon in 2010 having also sold the hall as part of the Grantley Estate in 1919. 88 An abbey dating from before the last millennium was withdrawn from a KF auction sale in 1935 because it failed to reach its reserve of 8500. Billed as the oldest dwelling in England Minster Abbey Thanet was founded in 738AD. 1983 sees the opening of the Knight Frank Leeds office followed by Sheffield in 1988. In 1924 the Duke of Westminster sold Grosvenor House Park Lane through Knight Frank. 87 86 91 New owners impatient to complete broke into the Georgian manor in Kent they had just bought and threatened to thump Knight Frank staff unless they handed over the keys. Happily completion went through six hours later. In 1925 Knight Frank bought 40 acres north of Oxford Street for the Audley Trust. It stretched all the way to the Euston Road in the north and from Oxford Circus to Wells Street in the east and is now the centre of Londons rag trade. 90 89 In 1958 Knight Frank acquired the Chiswell Street offices in London for BP. At the time it was the largest UK property transaction ever. 92 Knight Frank Rutley sold the famous 1090 acre Brimham Rocks Estate by auction in September 1919. 93 In 2005 Knight Frank was appointed to advise on the development of Londons new Olympic Village ready for the 2012 Games. 94 A significant 48 of our sales under 750000 reflect seller endorsement of our marketing strategies for town and country property in and around Harrogate. 95 Knight Frank moved the old Covent Garden fruit and veg market out of Covent Garden into its present home at Nine Elms. 96 In December 1897 Knight Frank held a sale of hundreds of bottles of old port Chablis sauterne sherries and champagnes and more than 15000 Havana cigars. Knight Frank development team handle the residential sales at Clarence Dock in Leeds. 99 98 The home of musical comedy The Gaiety Theatre was demolished in 1939 to make way for an office block. Knight Frank auctioned the fauteuils carpeting fitments and stage properties. 97 The Knight Frank Harrogate team currently has over 70 years of combined experience. 100 From cottages to castles over the last 10 years the Harrogate office has agreed residential sales approaching half a billion pounds and counting 10YEARSINHARROGATE 100 YEARS IN YORKSHIRE 24 Albert Street Harrogate HG1 1JT Tel 01423 530088